I am concerned about recent developments in the JFF elections campaign, and I believe it is my responsibility as president to comment.

I have up until now refrained from offering any public comments regarding the election, as we are guided by a constitution, and I have always emphasized the need for both sides to maintain respect for each other, as we all need to live together after the election.

There have been several comments made in the public, which are disturbing, to say the least.

At a recent extraordinary congress, the matter escalated with some delegates arriving at the gate and refusing to provide their names to the security, which was done by everyone else, a standard practice within the FIFA organisation. As president, I not only waited on their team for almost an hour after the meeting was scheduled to start, but allowed them to enter even with their refusal to provide their names.

Also, at a recent board meeting, a member from each side was involved in a regular verbal exchange. This was surprisingly reported to the police by the other side as a threat.
The latest episode was an attempt to publicly embarrass my candidate, with a public effort to arrest without even a warning. If it is the incident that I know of, it does not warrant this type of action.

I am extremely disappointed that some elements have allowed the election process to play out in this manner, which is aimed at embarrassing persons. Once again, I ask all involved to let good sense prevail in the interest of football.

JFF President – Michael Ricketts.

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