The Jamaica Football Federation Limited (JFF) will hold its Elective Congress on January 14, 2024, with a requirement that the JFF members be notified at least 60 days in advance (Article 30.9 of the Constitution).

The following positions are open for nomination and election at the Congress:

One (1) President
Four (4) Vice Presidents
Two (2) Ordinary members

According to Article 30 of the Constitution, every candidate in the election for positions on the Board shall be proposed by a minimum of five-(5) members – three from Pillar 1, one from pillar 2, and one from pillar 3. Note that each member shall support only one slate or their expressions shall be considered not valid. Please note that nominations for all candidates must be sent in by November 29th 2023 to the General Secretariat and as stated in the Electoral Code (Article 8.2) “…shall be sent by recorded post, by email with delivery notification, or delivered by hand in exchange for confirmation of receipt, to the general secretariat at least 45 days before the relevant elective Congress…” Please place on the envelope or in the email subject ELECTIVE CONGRESS, so that it can be easily recognized, and if sent by email please send to:,, and copy It is important to note that the nominations should be signed by the authorised signatories for each body.

Nominations must be sent in the prescribed form, which was communicated to all Congress members.

Please note the following in relation to the candidates:

All candidates must complete the questionnaire in Part 3 of Annexe A of the Constitution, print and send to the general secretariat by November 29th.
Electoral Code, Article 8.3 states “If the relevant candidates fail to complete their applications within the prescribed deadline, their candidatures will be declared invalid”
The names of the chosen delegates to be sent to the JFF general secretariat 14 days before the date of Congress.
The chairman of each of the four regions, shall elect a chairperson at least 7 days before the JFF Elective Congress, at a Special AGM of the Regional body, to be announced within 14 days of the announcement of the JFF Elective Congress (by November 15th, 2023). All chairpersons of the regional bodies will automatically be appointed to the Board of the JFF, on passing an integrity check by the Electoral Committee, which is required for all positions on the Board.

In order to be duly nominated and elected, all candidates must complete the questionnaire in Part 3 of Annexe A of the Constitution and submit to the JFF general secretariat by November 29th.

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