President of the Jamaica Football Federation, Michael Ricketts, is pleased that Jamaica will host the Concacaf Caribbean Cup, and wishes Harbour View FC and Dunbeholden FC success. “The JFF is proud that two local teams will feature in the competition, and even more so,  they will clash on local soil,” remarked Ricketts.

“Harbour View have been in this position many times before and know very well what this exposure does for them. On the other hand, Dunbeholden will be diving into this level of competition for the very first time. We  are happy that more of our players are getting the opportunity to play at this level and we hope that in the near future more local players will be of the required standard to strut the national colours. Certainly, that is my personal hope.  I hope the players and staff of both teams make use of this opportunity and rise to another level. Finally, I want to wish both teams good luck on their journey and pray that as they start here, they will ride a wave to the final. Good luck to both teams.”

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