The Jamaica Football Federation has decided to recall coach John Wall from duties with the U20 team so he can better concentrate on assisting coach Hallgrimsson in preparing the Senior Men’s National Team for the numerous competitions ahead. This includes the Nations League, the Copa America championship and 2026 World Cup qualifiers. Wall, who coached the U20 men’s team at the recent Concacaf qualifying round in St Kitts, is also the FIFA Talent Development Scheme manager for Jamaica and assistant coach to Hallgrimsson. Experienced coach, Jerome Waite, will work with the U20 team which will go into the Concacaf championship/final round World Cup qualifiers in July. “It’s always a joy working with the national programme. It will be great going into the qualifiers with this group of players. Qualification won’t be easy, but it is something that can be accomplished” – Jerome Waite.

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