Institutions and members of the public can now go online to book time and space at the UWI-JFF Captain Horace Burrell Centre of Excellence, located on the UWI campus.

The hostel, fields and classrooms etc. can be rented at a reasonable cost when they are not in use by the Federation. More information and the online link can be found in the attachment above.


One of the JFF’s founding principles is “development of Jamaica’s football talent”. As more and more of our stakeholders, Clubs, Associations and clients look to the proper Sports and recreational facilities needs, we wanted to enable entities and clients with the ability to have reserved access to the UWI/JFF Cpt. Horace Burrell Center of Excellence (CHBCE).

Stakeholders, Clubs, Associations, Schools and independent clients can now easily access and reserve and book the fleet of JFF’s Facilities:-

• Dormitory
• Football Fields
• Classroom
• Conference Room

Through the online facilities booking platform, without the hassle of calling or asking to know if they can host events ranging from Sports activities, Sports Camps, Recreational Activities, Media Conferences, Lectures etc.

Just simply click the link, instant book, reserve and go… That’s it….

All in one Straight Flow…..


*** Conditions apply…..

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