The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has been served with a Notice of Appeal, through our lawyer Kaysian Kennedy-Sherman of TWP Lawyers, filed on behalf of Patricia Garel as President of Beach Soccer Jamaica.
The injunction was refused on the basis that there was no serious issue to be tried and that the applicant has not established that they are either an affiliate or a member of the JFF.
The JFF remains confident in securing a favorable decision on the appeal.
The JFF is on course to set a new date for Elective Congress, in order to ensure that the members are not disenfranchised.
As a result of this being in violation of the JFF Constitution and the FIFA Statutes, we repeatedly contacted both presidential candidates to give their views on the court action.
President Ricketts stated that he is opposed to the action, especially as it goes against the provisions of the JFF Constitution and the FIFA Statutes and is a deliberate attempt to deny the legitimate members a right to exercise their vote for the development of football in Jamaica and for Jamaicans.
VP Anderson did not comment on the matter.

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