The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) recognizes another historic achievement of the Reggae Girlz, in being the first Caribbean team to qualify for the second round in a World Cup.
The JFF also notes the public information re funding source, that has taken away the focus from the celebration around this historic achievement, and would like to clarify this with the hope that as supporters we can focus on the achievements.
Whilst we appreciate all the help we can receive for the various programs the fact is that the vast of majority of the required funding is being provided from the following sources:
3. Government of Jamaica
4. Adidas
5. Bob Marley Foundation
6. Corporate Jamaica sponsors
7. Reggae Girlz Foundation
The JFF would like to thank these sponsors, as without their assistance the Girlz, and the other national teams, would not be able to prepare or participate in any competition, including the World Cup.
We also want to recognize the technical staff and Secretariat staff, who all continue to work tirelessly in providing the technical assistance, organization,  and working with sponsors to raise the necessary funds to sustain our national programmes.
We of course welcome anyone who wants to contribute to the development of our national football teams, which have done well and made Jamaica proud.
We look forward to working with these organizations and sponsors in continuing to fulfill the dreams of many youngsters, who have realized their dreams through football, and thank our supporters.
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