Jamaicans Daneon Parchment and Odette Hamilton have been selected by FIFA to officiate at the Paris Summer Olympics 2024. The FIFA Referees Committee has appointed 89 match officials (21 referees, 42 assistant referees, 20 video match officials and six support referees) from 45 countries to officiate matches at the Olympic Football Tournaments Paris 2024. Parchment will work as a Video Match official (VAR) while Hamilton has been selected as support staff. The women’s tournament will commence on 25 July 2024 and conclude with the gold medal match at the Parc des Princes in Paris on 10 August 2024. The men’s competition will begin on 24 July 2024, while the gold medal match will take place on 9 August 2024, also at the Parc des Princes. The match officials’ preparation will be regularly and closely monitored before and during the Olympic Games by a team of FIFA technical trainers, including referees and video assistant referee (VAR) instructors, as well as match analysts, fitness coaches, physiotherapists and sports scientists, all of whom will provide the officials with the best possible guidance and support.

While the Olympic Football Tournaments Paris 2024 are this year’s flagship football competitions, for the selected match officials they represent the next important step on the road to the FIFA World Cup 26™ and the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027™.

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