Today, the Court of Appeal dismissed the application to reinstate the injunction against the JFF elections, made by Pat Garell.
The JFF was represented by our Attorney-at-Law Kaysian Kennedy-Sherman, of TWP Attorneys-at-Law, who argued on it’s behalf.
The judges gave the following orders:
1. The Appeal is dismissed.
2. The ruling by Justice Carr on February 9th, 2024 is upheld.
3. Costs to the respondent (JFF) to be agreed or taxed.

The judges said that the reasons will follow.
The Court of Appeal delivered its ruling within five minutes of deliberation, which shows the strength of the JFF arguments and the competent way in which it was delivered by Kaysian.

The JFF wants to thank Kaysian for her representation over the past few months and assure our members that it is the intention to recover the costs immediately, so that the JFF, and our members, will not be impacted financially.

The JFF looks forward to the elections on March 17th, 2024, when the members will have the opportunity to exercise their franchise.

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