Concacaf today announced the opening of the Member Association application process for its first ever confederation-wide Coaching Convention.

The Concacaf Coaching Convention was launched in March 2022 and is a framework of minimum standards and regulations intended to harmonize the quality of coach education programs delivered across the confederation.

Concacaf has established a panel of coach education experts (“Concacaf Coach Education Panel”) which met on March 14 to review all the content proposed for Concacaf coaching licenses, ranging from the C License through to the Pro License – the highest coaching award available across the region.

The Panel approved the content and Member Associations are now welcome to apply and be evaluated with a view to earning the right to accredit coaches within their own territories with Concacaf coaching licenses.

All 41 Concacaf Member Associations are now able to apply directly to Concacaf to be assessed to join the Convention, and any applications will be assessed based on their specific needs, their existing coaching programs and the football structures within their federation and territory.

“Ensuring that first class coaching courses are being delivered across the confederation, and that our licenses are recognized regionally and globally as high-quality qualifications, is a game changer for Concacaf and our football development initiatives. The Convention will open up national, regional and global opportunities for Concacaf based coaches – a true pathway – and will allow us to better support our Member Associations in taking their own coach development initiatives to the next level”, said Concacaf General Secretary, Philippe Moggio.

“The Concacaf Coaching Convention is a truly exciting initiative for development in our region. It has been designed to ensure it is flexible to the needs of all of our federations and it will benefit coaches from across Concacaf’, said Concacaf Director of Development, Jason Roberts.  “I want to place on record our thanks to all members of the Coach Education Panel for their support in working with us to create such a high-quality coaching curriculum” added Roberts.

The Concacaf Coaching Convention will be a critical accreditation and endorsement tool aimed at promoting coaching excellence and recognizing our Member Associations’ domestic coach education courses and licenses as Concacaf diplomas and licenses.

Commenting on the significance of the Convention to his Member Association, Trinidad and Tobago Football Association Technical Director and Concacaf Coach Education Panel Member, Anton Corneal said: “The Coaching Convention affords local coaches the opportunity to develop the game at a level consistent with other leading territories in our region. It also allows coaches to be recognized across the region, possibly seeking employment outside of their country. The Convention is also key to the development pathway for players from Grassroots to Senior Football, catering for both the amateur and elite player.”

The impact of the Convention will be felt across the region as well as on a local scale, according to Costa Rica FA Director of Development and Concacaf Coach Education Panel Member, Julio Murillo: “The Coaching Convention means the further development of education processes designed for the improved capacitation of footballing constituents both within our country and across the region. We are convinced that this will become one of the main drivers behind the holistic education and preparation of our coaching staff, both at the national team and at the club level.”

Member Associations from across the region are already looking forward to applying for Convention membership, as Canada Soccer’s Manager of Coach Education and Member of the Concacaf Coach Education Panel Jim Loughlin references: “The Concacaf Coaching Convention is an aspirational document that sets out standards achievable by all Member Associations. These standards will ensure top quality coach education is consistently offered to all coaches in our confederation. We cherish the opportunity to pursue membership in a truly accessible and inclusive agreement.”

Member Associations may apply for membership based on their needs and existing coach education programs. There will be no specific window for application to the Concacaf Coaching Convention – rather, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and Member Associations may apply for membership at any time.

In addition to being evaluated for their domestic coach education programs, Member Associations may also request tailor-made technical assistance from Concacaf to support their program alignment with Concacaf standards ahead of their application.

The opening of the Coaching Convention application marks a key step in the Confederation’s football development journey. The high coaching and education standards set by the Convention will ensure the confederation continues its positive development trajectory and Member Associations across the region will have the necessary training and resources to provide quality education to all existing and prospective coaches.

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