The JFF is saddened by the decision of Cedella Marley to resign as Global Ambassador of the women’s football program. We are eternally grateful for the support Miss Marley and the Bob Marley Foundation have given to the Women’s programme over the last decade, amidst the obvious gains, which have resulted in Jamaica achieving what no other Caribbean team has managed to do.

“I am saddened by the unfortunate decision of Miss Marley to cut ties with the Women’s Program at this time,” said Michael Ricketts, President of the JFF. “This is even more so as we are of the view that we had made significant progress in the discussions, and are just awaiting the World Cup players to come back to us and advise of their availability. We must thank Miss Marley and the Bob Marley Foundation for all the support that they have given over time. We want to assure her that the gains that have been made will be concretized as we move into the future. Through the program, the JFF has managed to convince young girls that they have viable career paths in the game as it develops globally. Finally, we are happy that she will continue to lend support to local women’s football through the “Football is Freedom” initiative and are eager to offer any support that might be requested.”

The JFF no doubt will always welcome the contribution of Miss Marley as we continue to develop women’s football and provide a path for the young girls in Jamaica.

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